2017 Participants

Confirmed participants

Keynotes are in boldface

Theo Bendit, University of Newcastle, Chebyshev Sets on the Sphere Download Slides
Jeffrey Christiansen, RMIT University, Lagrangian Duality in Stochastic Integer Programming Download Slides
Jerome Daquin, RMIT University
Reinier Díaz Millán, Federal Institute of Goias, Brazil, On the splitting optimization problem with enlargement Download Slides
Andrew Eberhard, RMIT University, Radius Theorems for Monotone Mappings Download Slides
David Ellison, RMIT University
René Henrion, Weierstrass Institute, Germany, Comparing and verifying calmness conditions for MPECs Download Slides
Bui Thi Hoa, Federation University Australia, About Extremality and Stationarity for a collection of sets Download Slides
Alex Kruger, Federation University Australia, Error bounds: stability Download Slides
Scott Lindstrom, University of Newcastle, Douglas-Rachford Method for Boundary Valued ODEs Download Slides
Lina Mallozzi, University of Naples Federico II, Italy, Optimal Transport Mass Theory in Bilevel Optimization Models Download Slides
Michael Nyblom, RMIT University
Héctor Ramírez, University of Chile, Stability Analysis for Parameterized Conic Programs Download Slides
Maria Alessandra Ragusa (Università di Catania, Italy; RUDN University, Moscow, Russia), New perspectives in the theory of BVP of PDE's Download Slides
Janosch Rieger, Monash University, Galerkin polytope spaces for set optimisation Download Slides
Vera Roshchina, RMIT University, Transversality in facial structure of convex sets vDownload Slides
Badriah Saleh, RMIT University
Nadia Sukhorukova, Swinburne University of Technology, Alternance and its modifications Download Slides
Sona Taheri, Federation University Australia, A DC optimization algorithm for piecewise linear regression Download Slides
Julien Ugon, Federation University Australia, Generalising alternation results for multivariate approximation Download slides
Robert Wenczel, RMIT University
Andrew Williamson, RMIT University, Constructing a counter example to the De Pierro Conjecture Download slides