WoMBaT 2017

Participants and Talks

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WoMBaT 2017 schedule

Dates and Location

30 November – 2 December 2017, RMIT University (AGR room 8.9.66), Melbourne, see Location tab for more information. Note that the dates have changed slightly.

About the workshop

WoMBaT2017 is the Second Workshop on Metric Bounds and Transversality.

The topics of the workshop include error bounds, metric (sub) regularity, Aubin property and calmness, transversality of collections of sets, subdifferential characterisations and applications of these properties to estimating the convergence of fundamental optimisation algorithms.

The workshop was sponsored by RMIT University and was free of charge.


Prof. Andrew Eberhard (RMIT University)
Dr Joanne Hall (RMIT University)
A/Prof. Alex Kruger (Federation University Australia)
Prof. Asha Rao (RMIT University)
Dr Vera Roshchina (RMIT University and Federation University Australia)
Dr Julien Ugon (Federation University Australia)

Local organisers

Reinier Díaz Millán (Federal Institute of Goias, Brazil)
Scott Lindstrom (University of Newcastle)
Anjani Singh (RMIT University)
Nadia Sukhorukova (Swinburne University of Technology)